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A Little Bit About Us

We are a community of freestyle dancers who promote the Atlanta hip hop dance community within Georgia Tech. From breakdancing to locking, all styles of dance are appreciated and practiced in Tekstyles.

No experience in dancing? No worries! The only requirements are an interest in dance and a desire to improve, learn, and share what you know. There are no audtions, no tryouts.

What's New

Georgia Tech's premier freestyle hip hop events are back

The Summit Fall 2016

October 7, 2016

Attend the event
  • 1v1 All style dance battles
  • 1 v 1 Beatbox battles
  • Free for GT Students
  • GT Buzzbeats and GT Electronic Music Collective

South Bound 2017

February 18, 2017

Learn more
  • 2v2 House
  • 2v2 Funkstyles
  • DJ: Alphatrion, Tomahawk Bang

Fall 2016
Practice Schedule

*Our schedule is subject to changes. Please follow us on Facebook for the lastest weekly schedule.

Student Success Center: Basement


Campus Recreation Center: Studio A



Student Center:
Peachtree Room


Meet our Awesome Admin

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As a dancer of almost six years, dance means so much to me. It is an escape, a chance to express myself, a way of balancing out my daily life, something that reminds me who I truly am. Tekstyles is a home for anyone who wants to express themselves through music and movement, regardless of experience level..

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Vice President

Tekstyles is my second home away from home. Sharing the same passion for dance, we get together and actively raise the awareness of urban dance culture on campus. Dance not only defines who I am, but also helps me build life-long friendships.

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Dance is the culmination of technical skill, music, emotion, and personal connection. Everyone can dance, no matter how much or little they know about the subject. I'm extremely grateful to be part of a group like Tekstyles where we can share our passion for dance at GT.

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Dance is a form of expression.But beyond expression, dance is able to comprehend the depth of emotions words cannot describe, but that the body can portray. Dance is a form of style. Because of this art, I find it truly beautiful for people to share this passion with one another of expressing music in his or her own way. Dance is a form of love. I find a place of belonging in Tekstyles.

We don't bite.

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